Is it time to modify the kitchen?

The events of the past couple of months have resulted in us all staying indoors.

As a result, we’ve had more time to indulge in baking, perfecting our favourite recipes or cooking new and exciting dishes.  The kitchen has always been at the heart of a home, but now more than ever it has become an integral part of daily living. It brings us together, and allows families to maintain a sense of normality during a troubling time.

However, with so much time being spent there, you might begin to take stock of your space and consider how happy you are with it.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your appliances aren’t working as efficiently as they once did, or maybe the kitchen units have seen better days.  With the average person in the UK spending three years of their lives in the kitchen, it is undoubtedly worth investing in.

So, you’ve decided its time to change up your kitchen to reflect your home’s aesthetic better as well as meet your family’s requirements.

Here, we explore the best ways you can change your kitchen in 2020

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How to spot whether it is time for a change of worktop

Kitchen with granite worktop

Kitchen worktops are among the most frequently used surfaces in a home. They act as a workstation where we prepare food and drink before serving them.

The room acts as a hub, which is why having a worktop that is built to last is key. However, even the most durable countertops will eventually show signs of wear and tear, prompting you to consider an upgrade.

Investing in a new one is no small purchase, so you’ll want to be sure it is the right time.

Here we explore different types of worktops, identifying the signs to look for that indicate that it may be time for a change.

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How kitchens evolved to become the heart of a home

Kitchen in the heart

The kitchen is the heart of every home not only because the average person will spend three years of their life in there but because it is a space for everyone. It is a room in which we fuel our bodies and yet has evolved over the years into a room in which we spend time together, talk, laugh as well as share meals.

We believe a kitchen offers so much to a home and even if your kitchen isn’t the centre of your world, you may find that with the right feel, atmosphere and look, you could quickly change your mind.

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How to make a small bathroom feel bigger

Bathroom granite countertop


We all dream about having a large and luxurious bathroom.

But with the average one in a UK home measuring around 8ft by 6ft, available space can feel restricted.

It is easy for a bathroom to feel cramped and cluttered.

However with simple décor and design alterations, yours can be transformed.

Here we share our top design tips on how you can make a small bathroom feel much more spacious.


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