How kitchens evolved to become the heart of a home

Kitchen in the heart

The kitchen is the heart of every home not only because the average person will spend three years of their life in there but because it is a space for everyone. It is a room in which we fuel our bodies and yet has evolved over the years into a room in which we spend time together, talk, laugh as well as share meals.

We believe a kitchen offers so much to a home and even if your kitchen isn’t the centre of your world, you may find that with the right feel, atmosphere and look, you could quickly change your mind.

Social Hub

The kitchen is increasingly becoming one of the most social rooms of any home. It is a space where families come together for sit down meals, congregate to discuss their day, spend time together cooking or having friends over for a coffee. It is arguably one of the most multifunctional spaces of any home and over the years it has developed into being so much more than a room for cooking.

As such, most kitchens are now being designed and built with socialising at the forefront. In the past, priorities would lean towards creating storage space for food and areas for food preparation but now people lean towards creating social spaces within the kitchen. Multifunctional elements such as quartz and granite breakfast worktops or kitchen islands are now a more popular design choice. Not only can they be used to prepare and eat food, but they can be used to sit and have breakfast, enjoy a coffee with a friend, work at and so much more. Kitchens are now being designed with family and friends as the priority.


Without a doubt, our ever-evolving technology has meant that the kitchen has transformed into one of the most innovative and interesting rooms in the home. No longer is it a space solely for slaving over a hot stove but instead a room that is reflective of the modern day. Smart kitchen appliances are increasingly multi-functional and are allowing us to do so much more from just one room.

Smart fridges are a perfect example of this with them not only being able to keep your food at the optimum temperature but also tell you the time, see what is inside your fridge without ever opening it, allow you to order more groceries with the tap of a button and so much more. The modern-day kitchen is an ever-evolving space that is consistently offering families more ways to connect.

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