Are you seeing quartz discolour?

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Quartz countertops are a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere, noted for their durability, natural beauty and luxurious feel.

They are an investment, and as a result require a certain level of care and attention to keep them looking as good as new.

A specialist will advise you that over time quartz can discolour for a range of reasons, some of which you may experience.

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Which Countertops Are More Appropriate for Outdoor Use?

Counter top with the outdoors

The great British summer has arrived and you might be thinking of new ways to make the most of your garden space. If you love hosting summer parties or inviting friends and family over for a garden barbecue, then an outdoor kitchen could be the perfect new addition to your home.

But before you rush in and start turning part of your garden into a kitchen, there are some important factors to consider. The most important factor is which countertop material is the most appropriate for outdoor use. From quartz to concrete, there are plenty of materials you could use. In today’s article, we take a look at which kitchen countertops work best outdoors.

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Designing a Kitchen With Summer in Mind

summer garden

Summer is here, and that means garden parties, BBQs, cold drinks and great times with family and friends. At no other time of the year is your kitchen so important as in summer. There’s food to prepare, drinks to pour and guests to entertain.

But what if you could enhance that summer feeling? What if you could make your kitchen summer-ready all through the year? What if you could capture the essence of summer and enjoy it in the cold depths of winter? Well, you can do just that!

We take a look at how you can design a kitchen with summer in mind, to not only open it up when it’s hot and sunny but to give it that summery feeling any time of the year.

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Is it time to modify the kitchen?

The events of the past couple of months have resulted in us all staying indoors.

As a result, we’ve had more time to indulge in baking, perfecting our favourite recipes or cooking new and exciting dishes.  The kitchen has always been at the heart of a home, but now more than ever it has become an integral part of daily living. It brings us together, and allows families to maintain a sense of normality during a troubling time.

However, with so much time being spent there, you might begin to take stock of your space and consider how happy you are with it.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your appliances aren’t working as efficiently as they once did, or maybe the kitchen units have seen better days.  With the average person in the UK spending three years of their lives in the kitchen, it is undoubtedly worth investing in.

So, you’ve decided its time to change up your kitchen to reflect your home’s aesthetic better as well as meet your family’s requirements.

Here, we explore the best ways you can change your kitchen in 2020

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